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Lawn Care Virginia Beach
Bryan's Lawn Care
Keeping Virginia Beach beautiful one lawn at a time!
Virginia Beach Lawn Care Specialist, call us for all your lawn care needs; Mowing, Edging, Blowing, Mulching, Hedging, Seeding, and more.

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Bryan's Lawn Care Service
Virginia Beach Lawn Care
Serving the Virginia Beach Area

Hours Monday - Thursday 8AM - 4PM / Fridays 8AM - 6PM
Scheduling 757-468-1731 / Office: 757-408-0093

Lawn Services

Service Fees
Service fees do vary depending on size of yard, service needed and amount of work required to get the job done.
  • Extra small residential homes and townhouses $30 and up
  • Normal residential homes $45 and up
  • All Corner lots / Large yards $65 and up

    If your lawn is overgrown the 1st time fee will normally be $15 extra due to the extra work needed to get the property back in shape. (Bagging extra at $1.50 per bag if required) All other service fees are accessed at time of estimate including extra service fees such as hauling off of Tree, Leaf or Lawn Debris.

    Mulcing Fees
    Due to the time and labor required for re-mulching, this service needs to be scheduled
    on special day set aside for such jobs. All mulch fees are due in advance of mulch service.

    Mulch in bulk is only sold by cubic yards, 1 cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet or
    about 13 to 15 bags depending on size of bags purchased. Therefore, if you need
    2½ cubic yards you will need to purchase 3 cubic yards.

    Surcharge for all mulch $75 per load/trailer (holds 2 cu yds)
    Regular Mulch $100 for 1 cu yd.
    Special Dyed $120 for 1 cu yd.
    Cedar $125 for 1 cu yd.

    1 cu yd regular mulch $175 / 2 cu yd regular mulch $275
    3 cu yd regular mulch $450 / 4 cu yd regular mulch $550
    1 cu yd dyed mulch $195 / 2 cu yd dyed mulch $315
    3 cu yd dyed mulch $510 / 4 cu yd dyed mulch $630

    Lawn Mowing & Edging
    We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services for Virginia Beach residential
    homes, which begin around the middle of March and continue until the fall. Crews
    mow all lawn areas, weedeater trim along fences, structures, driveways, walkways,
    sidewalks, curbs in front of residence, and outter areas of plant beds. Edging around
    sidewalks and plant beds, and blow grass clippings from any concrete surfaces.
    Please note: extra fees apply for overgrown properties and bagging at $1.50 per bag, if required.

    Fall & Spring Lawn Maintenance
    Spring and Fall leaf and lawn maintenance service is available to help get your yard
    in shape for the upcoming season. We provide leaf clean up, re-mulching, trimming
    of shrubs and small trees.We use high quality bags approved and fill them within the
    weight limits and regulations for Virginia Beach Rubbish Service Removal. If the bag
    weighs too much or debris is not properly stacked within city regulations the City will
    NOT remove them. We can remove them for you, small fee applies.

    Lawn Reseeding / Overseeding
    Simply put reseeding also known as overseeding means spreading seed over your
    existing lawn to fill in any bare spots and aid in maintaining a healthier turf. Seasonal
    stress can cause damage to your lawn, creating thin and/or bare spots. Reseeding
    is a great way to get back a lush, green healthy yard without having to start over
    from stratch.

    Scott's Grass Seed Formulated Mix for the Virginia Beach Area usually a
    Sun & Shade Mix. automatic scheduled annual service is available upon request,
    ask us to schedule your lawn care needs today. There are NO contracts to sign,
    just pay as you receive your service. We use only Premium Scott's Lawn Care Products.

    Weed Control
    We can provide your lawn with weed control services to kill unsightly weeds and
    help in preventing them from future growth by applying weed killer around your
    property where needed. We use Round Up products. (service fee $20 and up)

    Lawn Fertilization
    Fertilization is one of the most important lawn maintenance services for promoting
    a healthy lawn year round. Fertilizing your lawn aids your grass in getting the
    nutrients needed for proper growth, keeping your lawn green lush and healthy.
    We use only Premium Scott's Lawn Care Products.

    Clean up & Hauling debri
    Each clean up is different and prices vary depending on the size and type of job needed.
    Basic fees for just picking up, loading and hauling off:
    $75 surcharge per trailer load
    $100 labor per trailer load

    Gift Certificates
    Lawn Care Gift certificates make great gifts for those on the go, as well as, those
    that have difficulties getting out and about. You can purchase an individual
    certificate for a one time service or a package deal that offers more.

  • Ten Reasons To Call Bryan For Your
    Residential Lawn Care Mowing Service

    No contracts to sign - professional courteous service, reasonable prices - just pure satisfaction
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