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Dear Bryan and staff-

I contacted you a few days ago about lawn service care. Not only did you respond quickly, but was very friendly on the phone.

When you did arrive as scheduled, I was greatly amazed at the reasonable price I was quoted. You were very professional and very courteous. Not being able to do the lawn work for myself due to a knee replacement and my husband being out of town, I proceeded to let you take care of my lawn.

I was very pleased with, not only the short amount of time it took to do the yard, but also with the work that you and you brother and friend did. I was pleased to see that the hard work you put in in the heat, made my yard look nice and I can tell you my two dogs, who are short to the ground loved it, too.

I appreciate your friendliness and your professionalism, too. Your father can be very proud of you and the work that you do. It is nice to know that I have a lawn care business that will take care of my yard as if it was their own. Thank you very much. You now have another new customer who will be calling again.

Please use this as a reference if you need to. I will definitely give you as a reference if anyone I know needs lawn care. Thank you again for the great service.

Paula Coleman Virginia Beach, VA

Hello Bryan & staff
I wanted to take a moment to commend the fast professional service you provided for Our Corporate Company in the emergency situation we were in.

The service you guys provided to us was simply superb, better than any service we have aquired to date.

The manner in which you conducted the entire service from beginning to end was simply professional to the last detail and most impressive. Wow, you're in for a lifetime of success. Professionalism and courtesy just doesn't seem to be around much these days and you guys have it all with a touch of class.

Please feel free to use me for a recommendation anytime and we hope to be able to call upon you,and your team members again soon.

Yvonne Hargard - Realtor Virgnia Beach

In Memory Of Ruby Voss We will always miss you.

Dear Bryan & crew,
Thank you for taking such good care of my lawncare and doing such an excellent job and showing all the extra care and kindness to me with ( Kit Gloves ) over the last year.

I can always count on you guys to do the best job ever and I feel as if you are a grandson to me. All of my neighbors tell me what a great job you two gentlemen do and you are always very courteous too.

I look forward to having you return to assist me as long as you are in the lawncare business.

Thank you so much, your friend,
Ruby Voss - Virginia Beach

Dear Bryan & crew
Your lawn service is beyond all doubt the best of the best. My wife and I observed you providing lawn care to our neighbor for a year now and another lawn service taking care of our other neighbor.

Your lawn service team is not only faster than the other Big Fancy so called professional team, but your work has been by all means steadily performed with perfection.

We recently contacted and scheduled our lawn to be serviced by you and you guys are on top of every detail. We are so pleased with your service and reasonable prices as you know we have decided to allow you to take care of our property all year around now.

We now get good compliments on our lawn by all of our friends. Your team is dependable, and professional and very polite. We hope you will fill free to use us for a reference should you ever need one. No kidding, your guys are the best of the best. Thank you for your superior service. We will recommend your lawncare team to all of our family and friends. Keep up the great work!

Jerry and Gale
Virginia Beach

Hi Bryan,
On behalf of me and all the Navy Seals we want to take a moment to thank you for the perfect professional service that you and your crew have provided for us through the last past 3 years.

We have always been able to depend on you gentlemen to provide us with great lawn care service whether we are state side or out to sea.

Just as we are trained to strive for perfection in all that we do, we notice that you guys do the same and we want you to know that we always get compliments on our home and it's surroundings.

Thank you for the great service and dependability you provide for us. We are proud of you and appreciate your professionalism. Please use us for a reference anytime, but your performance speaks for itself.

Your Friends,
Aron & All The Navy Seals - Virginia Beach, VA

I want to write and tell you "Thanks." You did an awesome job! I couldn't have done it better. I felt good knowing that I was able to come home and have it all completed and with my expectations met. I will be calling you for another visit.

Please tell Team members good job. Every detail was covered. From the phone calls to the finish. When you cover the details you become successful at everything.

Please feel free to use this e-mail for a reference.

Chuck Collins

Lead Pastor,
Grace Jubilee Community / Virginia Beach

Dear Bryan,
I just wanted to take a moment to send to you this small message that you can feel free to use for reference should you need one for any reason.

" I have to admit that I am impressed by your outstanding jobs that you do for us. I was really happy with the professional reliable work that you and your crew do a professional job for the more than reasonable price the I pay.

You are a courteous and professional and well mannered young man, and I will continue to recommend you and your family to all of my friends and neighbors and all others that admire my wonderful looking yard from now on. I hope you will always be available to continue to do our yard for us."

Thank You.
Dr. Sam Mason
Virginia Beach

Hi Bryan,
I was amazed at how superb of job that you did for me when I called you in my emergency to get my yard done. I thought I was hiring just some kid to do my lawn till I saw the professional job that you and your brother did for me.

Hey, you guys are the ( Real Deal ) and are going to put the ( BIG BOYS ) out of business with the terrific detail work that you guys do. If you want to use this message for a reference, please feel free to do so as you wish. I am very pleased and happy the wonderful job you did for me and I hope you'll always be able to keep doing my lawn service for me in the future.

Your Neighbor
Rodney / wife
Virginia Beach

Hello Bryan,

I just want to say Thank you for your fast professional service that you have provided to me. You are life savers and dependable. I hope you will continue to do my lawn each week, I am very happy with the service you two courteous gentlemen provide.

Your work is terrific and your prices are more than reasonable for all the work you guys do. Keep up the great work, my neighbor wants you guys to do her lawn now too. She will be contacting you this week.

By the way, Thanks for coming by so fast and cutting up the tree the storm knocked over in my front yard. You guys showed up within an hour and had the work done fast and neatly.

Thank you so much for all you do. Please know that you are my lawn guys from now on!

Faye Hundley
Virginia Beach

~ And the list goes on & on ~
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